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Welcome to my Blog!
     My name is Ty and I am a Sexy Single Mommy of THE most talented and terrific little boy in the world. Being a Single Mom of a son is in and of itself a very hard job, however, I take it day by day and give 110% on this journey called Motherhood.
     In my blog, I will take you through my adventures of not only being a Sexy Single Mommy but the drama of  being a single parent and dating (or lack there of), as well.  I am sure that you will get a kick out of my dating experiences, while I grab a shot of vodka to try to forget them.
      Let me warn you, if you are looking for a "woe is me" kind of blog. This is not it. I have never been homeless, depressed or struggled. Life as a Single Mother has never been stereotypical for me. What I can say, is that by the grace of God, I have been one of the fortunate ones. Although I have been a single parent from just about the day I conceived, I have handled the role well and never regretted or complained about the hand that I was dealt.  As I always say, "It is, what it is."
     All that being said... By writing this blog, I intend to keep it 100 at all costs. There is not too much that is off limits. At times, I may shock and amaze you but I hope that I can inspire those who read it, give a hearty laugh when you least expect it and make your heart swell with love as you embark on this journey with us. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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    I'm wondering where you got the preacher image for your June 28 blog, as I would like to use it as well and don't want to violate any copyrights.