Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mercy, Mercy Me! (Help! The Preacher is Trying To Holla)

     I have a friend who is a preacher.  We used to date about 15 years ago when he was just a PK (Preacher's Kid). Today, he is divorced and has taken over his father's church.  We talk every now and then and his conversation is usually about getting married and having babies.  Ummm...PUMP YOUR BREAKS, PREACHER MAN! Now don't get me wrong, he is a very nice man, educated, handsome, has a good job, all that good stuff BUT he is a PREACHER!
     I know some of you, who follow my blog, have read about my "list" of the things I want in a mate.  Yes, he meets most of them BUT he is a preacher! There is nothing wrong with being a preacher, but how do you "date" a preacher?  It's bad enough that he makes comments about sex, etc and I always respond, "You will NOT lead me to hell," when in reality I am more worried about me being a temptress and leading him to hell.  (Don't judge me!  I'm being honest here!)
     By now, you all know that I am not a Saint and I try to do the right thing, however, the question still remains, "How does one DATE a preacher?"  Do you allow him to kiss you good night and if you do, does he kiss you on the lips or the forehead?  I know that he is still a man, although he is a preacher but there are some things that you just can't say or do with a man of God.  For instance, sex, you can't do that with a preacher!!  I know some of you are laughing, while others may be shaking your heads, but I am serious!  You don't buy a car without test driving it first, right?  I have to know exactly what I am getting myself into.  Let's just say that we dated for a long period of time, got engaged and married without ever having sex and then the sex was wack?  Is that grounds for divorce?  To me it is! I don't want to go through the rest of my life having wack sex! I know some of you will argue that sex isn't everything.  Those people are probably the same ones that have never had good sex or have decided to settle for wack sex in exchange for other things in a marriage. I'm sorry but I don't think, excuse me...I KNOW that I could not do that!  Plus, could you see me as the church's First Lady?  We would end up without any members because of my mouth!  Sounds awful but I am being completely honest!!
     I recently heard from a friend who basically said, "You are single by choice because it's definitely not from lack of choices."  This is true and I know that I am very picky but I think that my fear of dating a preacher is that I am not completely "right" with the Lord and I don't want my bad habits to rub off on him.  I don't want to tempt or corrupt a man of god, therefore, I have chosen to ignore the preacher's flirting and decided that we should just remain friends.  That way, my conscience is clear and I don't go to hell for being the snake that tempts the preacher to just take a bite of my apple.


  1. Very honest. I do understand! LOL Keep telling the truth! :)

  2. *goes to corner, sits on the floor, with Bible* Let us pray....

  3. Lol! This is so fabulous, but I think you should take another look at this guy. First of all, you can always teach the preacher man about good sex. Just think--a clean slate. 2nd-when all of your members leave the church you can replace them with new, hipper, younger members that realize it's ok to say 'oh sh!t' every now and again. lol.

    1. Hmmmm....that just may be an idea, Darlin!! LOL!!

  4. Oh! And I love your new Header by the way! It looks great!

  5. Shit, you date a preacher just like you would anyone else. He is still a man, and who said that preachers don't get it on. I know that they are not suppose to, but aint nobody perfect. I think that if GOD has him for ya, he knows your desires, and the intimate stuff can be worked on.

  6. Well I'm in this predicament now but i look at him as a man first. Ironically, that's what he said he liked about me. Anyhow i make my debut at his large church this Sunday but I'm confused what to wear because my clothing usually contours my body.( not tight) Oh yeah I've had many reservations about dating him for the same reasons mentioned.

  7. I'm a Preacher. You can be sure, we date like everyone else. Certain things excepted. I don't get drunk, and I dont go to the bar. I will however occasionally hit the club, i do kiss on the lips, i do cuddle, etc. My sister is dating a preacher. They do everything but the sex. We how far he's willing to go. And (in this day and age) what his definition of sex. Obviously the penis in the vagina is... but what else does he include? or not include? ;-)