Tuesday, July 3, 2012

From the Book of The Sexy Single Mommy Chapter 1 verses 1-5

     They say that "women are emotional creatures" and that 90% of how a woman acts is based on her emotions.  I am going to agree with both of those statements and I would like to add for the record, that women need to knock that shit off!  Too many of you are walking around with your hearts on your sleeves, crying, "feeling down" about shit, making the wrong moves based on emotions and telling your friends all your business.  All that needs to stop...TODAY! 
     Women are playing themselves because they are so emotional.  You spend too much time over thinking situations, trying to figure out why men act the way they do, what they are going to do next, how come he hasn't called you, etc. etc.  Man, if y'all don't knock it off! You make yourselves look pathetic and who wants to be around someone like that? Ummm...NO ONE!  Women get it together!  You have to start thinking before talking!  As soon as something goes wrong, your mouths start popping off and necks start rolling.  Take a moment and evaluate the situation.  Stop to think if you can benefit off of it before you start popping off and the situation reaches a point of no return.  
     I'm not telling you anything that I don't know about first hand.  I will be the first one to tell you that if my mouth was a sword, I would be writing this from behind bars, doing life because of the things that I have said to men in anger.  I have been there and done that and allowed my mouth to make some really good men run the other way.  Had I held my tongue, removed myself for a moment and took the time to think about the situation, things may have turned out differently.  So since the game is to be told not sold, I am going to take this opportunity to school some of you on a few things.
     Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, most of us watch or or have heard the debates about Mimi and Stevie J.  If you haven't seen it, here is a quick synopsis:  Stevie J is a producer who is sleeping with and apparently gotten pregnant, his artist, Joseline, who is an an ex stripper.  Mimi is his girlfriend of 15 years and also the mother of one of his children. (pictured on the left)  By reading social media, the consensus is that Mimi needs to leave Stevie J.
     Women being the "emotional creatures" that they are have been screaming, "Girl, you need to leave him!" I am screaming, "Girl, leave him BUT before you do, you get everything that is coming to you!"  Now, wait!  Before you start cussing, let me explain my rational behind this statement.  I totally agree that you shouldn't stay with a man that cheats on you, especially one that is obviously as reckless, inconsiderate and flamboyant, for lack of a better word, as Stevie J is.  However, before she bounces, Mimi needs to do a couple of things and in doing that she may have to "act" like everything is good until her plan pans out.  She needs to first, go ahead and accept the house that he offered or better yet, she could get a much better house, make sure that the house is paid for and the deed is in her name and her name only.  Next, if the car or cars are not in her name already, they need to be in her name and paid off and third, she needs to go on down and file for child support and then she bounces.  What she should NOT do is leave and not have shit to show for the 15 years off bullshit that she dealt with.  Don't be no fool, girl!! 
     Another problem with being so emotional is that people will mistake you for weak.  I have been in retail management for years and I can not count the number of female employees that I have had in my office to either reprimand or fire, who start to cry.  There is nothing that I hate more than a weak ass female.  (Well, there are things that I hate more, but weak chicks are close to the top.)  I loose all respect for a woman when she starts to cry in public, especially in front of a superior.  Suck those tears up and cry when you get in the car.  Better yet, cry when you get home and no one is around.  Here's the thing, whatever the situation is, be a woman about it and accept whatever consequences may come. If you feel like you need to cry, wait to your alone and do that.  NEVER cry in  public!
     Another thing (or two) stop getting mad at your man and running to your friends telling them all your business.  Women let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with "girl talk" but I don't care if it's your best friend or not, keep some shit to yourself! Everybody does not need to know everything about your life and your love life.  Women need to learn to shut the hell up sometimes!  You talk to damn much!  Besides, some of you start talking about what your man did and didn't do and you sound like a damn idiot for putting up with his bullshit, so for the sake of not looking like a complete fool, keep somethings to yourself.  Here is a trick to live by.  When you are by yourself, look in the mirror and tell yourself what you want to tell your friend.  If you sound like a dumb ass to yourself, chances are you will sound like a dumb ass to your friend.  Now that you have said it aloud, leave that shit there and move on!  You have to know that what you tell one "friend" will be repeated to your other friends and they will all be calling you a "dumb ass" behind your back.  Trust me!
    Lastly, when will women learn NOT to tell their friends about their man's performance in the bedroom?  I don't even know why I have to talk about this one but apparently I do because there are still some dumb ass women out there, running and telling their friends about how their men are in bed.  Hello, how old are you?  Don't you know that besides being emotional, women are nosy as hell, thus, when you tell them about how good your man is, you have some shady chicks who want to know personally, how good he is.  Don't be that chick who is crying later because her man slept with her "friend."  Remember, conversations about sex with your man is off limits.  Some things need to be sacred and let that be one of them!
      I hope that I have not only enlightened some of you but also put you up on game.  Having emotions is cool and all but damn, you don't have to go overboard with that shit.  Get a grip"  Put your big girl panties on and be a woman.  Crying is for babies and we all know that even a babies cry get old real quick!  




  1. Great Job as usual. I am proud of you. You raise so many valid points in this blog. I want to tell you guys a secret that Steve Harvey didn't tell you ladies. Half the things you think about never crosses a guys mind. You give us to much credit. Stevie J is a sorry excuse for a human being. I can't even say for a man. But women are known to stick around long enough to write a song or a movie 8-)

  2. LMAO!!!! Yes, we have been known to stick around too damn long! Thanks for the props and supporting me. I appreciate it!

  3. Ty, you have a God given talent for writing and making it plain..I enjoyed this particular Blog because it hit close to home..Being A DUMMY trying to made a man out of a piece of shit..never works..Water always seep to its lowest level..Keep writing and aspiring others through your work...Blessings! Mom

  4. LOL @ "a man out of a piece of shit." Thanks Mom!!

  5. Ty you're writing is so funny! Bang on point. I'm a retail manager too and I've seen all my staff cry at some point. It can be frustrating.. they wouldn't be there in the first place if they had done their job properly...

  6. You are so right, Sylvie! They kill me with that!!