Monday, June 25, 2012

Therapy or No Therapy? That Is The Question

     Yesterday my little sister received her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology.  I am estatic about her accomplishment and so proud of her.  Although she has 2 years of schooling left to be called a Doctor, I am tempted to start referring some of my friends to her as patients.  I know several people who can benefit from some professional therapy sessions.
     Would it be rude if I say, "Hey, you know my sister just got her degree in Clinical Psychology and I know that your ass is crazy ass hell. Would you like for me to make an appointment for you?"  After the laughter has ceased, I am sure that my friends would say something like, "Shit, have you made an appointment for your damn self?"
     Oh hell, they would be right!  Who am I fooling?  I most likely, should be her first patient.  In case you haven't figured it out yet...I have a few issues.  Yes me, Little Ms. Perfect.  Can you believe it?  LOL!
     They say the first step is to admit that you have a problem, right? I can admit that!  I can also say that I am well aware of what most of those issues are but the problem is, what do I do about the issues and how do I work through them?  Somethings are just plain hereditary though, i.e., lack of patience.  Can that be an issue or is the issue that I have no patience for bullshit and absolutely zero tolerance for stupidity?  Hmmm...maybe I should make an appointment right away.  I think I need some HELP!!


  1. The best part about having a psychologist in the family (or as a friend): it is unethical for them to charge. Say hello to free therapy!!!

    But seriously, too many of our people (you know what I'm saying) refuse to get the help they need and it ends up causing them more problems. There is NOTHING wrong with seeing a "shrink", or whatever term we want to call them. It's good to have an unbiased listener to help us work through our issues. I've been to therapy and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I highly recommend it. And that... is my two cents.

  2. You are exactly right,too many of our people don't get therapy and Lord knows that many of us needs it. I didn't know about them being unable to charge...good info!

  3. HA!!! Hereditary insanity...and your sister's gonna be a shrink? That's priceless!!! Although I think the unethical part is treating your family and friends...rather than not charging them. God knows I could use some therapy...the meds aren't holding their own anymore :)