Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shopaholic? Yes, That's Me!

     I am a shopaholic!  Yes, I am!  The first step is to admit that you have a problem and I can admit it!  I am not sure that I would call it a "problem" though.  Maybe we can just call it a slight disability.  Oh hell, let's call it what it is, (sometimes), a damn PROBLEM!
     I am sure that many of you can relate to the need for some retail therapy every now and then but I need retail therapy daily.  Sometimes, it doesn't have to be actually buying something but at least a couple of times a day, I am on the websites of some of my favorite stores, looking to see what they have new, what's on sale and what can I buy.
     Lately, I have been trying to make more of an effort to not shop... as much.  The problem is that everyday and I do mean, EVERYDAY,  I have a new email from a store (s) coaxing me in with "new arrivals," shop today and get 20 % off," "Friends & Family, get 15% for 3 days or "spend $100 and get $25 off."  How can I resist?  I REALLY feel as though there is a conspiracy to make me shop on a daily basis!
     Per my BFF, "Bargain Betty," I need to get the most for my money.  She bargains shops and really does pretty good at it.  Me, on the other hand, not so much!  Yes, I like a good deal as much as the next woman but I am not dissuaded by something that is not on sale.  If I want it, I buy it.  Even if it is a couple of hundred.  I also don't believe in layaway.  I want it NOW!  I don't want to wait to take it home.  That's like teasing me with something that I can't have at the moment and I never did like a tease! 
     Let's face it, as long as there are malls and the Internet and I have money, I will be shopping.  I don't use credit.  I pay cash for everything and for items that I purchase on the Internet, I have a prepaid card that I use for fear to have it linked to my bank account.  My shopping has not put me into debt and to my advantage, I have always worked in retail, so although I am not like my friend, "Bargain Betty," I have always taken advantage of my employee discount.
     Some people are addicted to drugs, cigarettes and things that can physically do them harm.  Shopping is an addiction that can't physically harm you, however, like a drug, it can give you a high.  When I purchase something I feel as though I am on a retail high.  I float through the stores like Spike Lee floated through his movies...on Cloud 9.  If shopping is my drug then I want no part of recovery and although it can be a problem in that I have a house full of stuff that I forget I have or that I don't need, I would rather be a shopaholic and be happy then not being able to shop at all and be extremely sad.  Shopping to me is happiness! 


  1. I´m a shopaholic too!!!^^


  2. I guess I need to bow out as a member of your shopping support club. Like most guys I know, I hate shopping. Bit bless you shoppers for doing your part to keep the economy stimulated.

  3. I used to be -- I really went on a stricter budget a few months ago and it is definitely working. Tough at first but worth it in the end. I used to go shopping every weekend!

  4. I am your Sister and I am a shopaholic, tooooooo

  5. Amen! Seriously every time I make an effort to save money the stores have the most fabulous sales - it isn't my fault! :)


    1. Heather, I agree! It is NOT our fault!

  6. I'm an addict, too!! LOVE SHOPPING! Stopping by from the weekend blog hop!